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Choosing the right neighborhood to build your home.

When it comes to building your dream home, there are some other considerations you need to take into account

  • Type of people living in the area
  • how close are the shopping centres
  • How close are the schools if your planning on staying for awhile and having children.
  • easy access to trades and plumbers
  • Easy access to lawn mowing and garden maintenance people
  • How long you plan to stay in the area
  • Which is  the best suburb for your build
  • The weather


Is the house your going to build going to be your life long dream or is it  a stepping stone to other properties.

When you build your home you need to take into consideration the distance you are from local amenities. If you are a long way from these things and you need any trades like plumbers, or roof tilers there can often be additional travelling fees associated  for them to get to you. Give these guys a call to find out the cost of additional travel outside the metropolitan area.

Also being too far from the local shops if you urgently need supplies can be a drag as well. None the less something to plan for.


Of course trying to find out what other types of people are moving into the area or who are already there can be of great benefit. You might like to spend some time driving around the area, spend a few weeks driving in and around the locations.

Check out the local shops and ask around. Visit the local Malls and council offices to get a feel for the culture of the place. You might even like to visit some churches or sports clubs.


Plenty of sports clubs around.

  • Soccer
  • football
  • cricket
  • netball
  • Swimming pools
  • Golf clubs.

Walking tracks, National parks.

Depending on the location you are choosing, you may also like to go for walks in the national parks. See how far away these are from your suburb of choosing. Going on walks or hiking.

Mt warning National Park Australia.

Here are some great pics of a recent hike some people from the Australia went on


WIllow tree wedding ceremonies

    Willow tree wedding ceremonies

WIllow tree wedding ceremonies

WIllow tree wedding ceremonies

WIllow tree wedding ceremonies

WIllow tree wedding ceremonies


This is in the vicinity of a number of new housing developments going up in Coomera and Upper Coomera Gold Coast Queensland.

IN this region for instance there are numerous open land areas, with extensive grass areas for family BBQs and fun days for the children. Plenty of open parks and plenty of theme parks which make it an ideal location to think about building your first home.


The weather is another important factor to consider in building your home. For instance if you don’t like storms then this might not be a good place for you. as the winter storms can be quite large and big with lots of lightning.


Having said that the overall temperature for this region hovers around 25 to 35 degrees Celsius. Sometimes the humidity can get you at around 100% bit drinking plenty of water can minimize the effects of this

Where have we been?  Flooring and Tiling.

We’ve been away on holiday and business, travelling around looking at different ideas and concepts for Home renovation.

Recently speaking with one of or trusted partners from Plumber 4U Gold Coast to get some ideas on how to plan around the tiler and other tradesmen on planning out a bathroom remodeling or renovation.

They suggested making sure we engage a professional bathroom remodeler in our planning and that we could use them for all the services needed if we wanted to.

Plumber 4U in the Gold coast

Plumber 4U in the Gold coast

There are many different type of colors and appliances that can be added to the bathroom remodel.

What color tiles?

There are many colors to choose from for your bathroom remodel or planning. Work out the colu=or theme of your house and make sure you colors match the overall theme.

Do you like Blues/Greens/Yellow/ Reds. Look at our color charts in another post


Whats shape tiles?

There are many different shapes to tile that can provide some uniques styles in your bathroom.

Different shapes include:

  • Square
  • Round
  • Hexagonal
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Oblong

In fact there is probably no shape that you cant think of that isnt available.


What size tiles?

What size tile you choose can give the feeling of space if large tiles are chosen. You can have have large diamond shaped tile in white. This looks great.

Additionally having large tiles with a border of small classy tiles around the egdes can give a a unique finish.

A person can be really creative in designing tile. In fact you could even use a theme around some broken tile and create shapes around them.

What style?

Choosing a style is dependent on you as the people creating the theme.

This can depend on what culture you are from.

What culture or them you want to create.

You might want to create a Tuscany feel to your tiling and flooring, or a beach theme.

Some theme design include dolphins actually in the tiles.

Of course you need to make sure the plumbing and pipes are all sorted before the tiles and flooring go in so make sure you double check with your plumber tradesman


When you planning this out you can write to us or contact us here and we will provide a template for you to plan out your bathroom remodeling.

Once you’ve done your Flooring and Tiling send us some pics and we will post them here.


Stay tuned for our next POST It will be a surprise


Here’s our next Post  – Flooring and tiling.

Looking at flooring and tiling for your new home is a good thing to do.

  • What colors?
  • What shapes?
  • What sizes?
  • What style?

Planning the laying and grouting. Fitting of tiles around toilets and pipes. Getting the right advice for this is highly recommended. If you need to remove the toilets or taps or have them remodeled these guys are really good.


Planning for tiling

Of course, this should be part of the plan that you have put into place and whether you do it for yourself DIY or get someone to come in, the timing of these things is really important.





Here we go!


Planning your life together !!!

Ok so the time has come to start planning your lives together your dreams passions and more importantly where the 2 of you will live and share your life. Planning your life together includes planning for your future house, saving for deposit for a home, planning and designing all the thing around the home such as tiling, bathroom,landscaping. How big a deposit you actually need. Learning how to budget. What things are necessities and what are luxuries.?



So here is the first one. Your house or home. Perhaps you have been blessed with parents who are well off and can provide you with a deposit for your home. This is the ideal situation as we live in ever changing economic times and it is becoming increasingly difficult for newlyweds to even afford a home. Others are looking at co- operative living arrangement where parents are sharing the cost of owning with their children.


It is important to understand the economic times we are in and hopefully, have a healthy conversation on them with your parents.

Saving for deposit

Having a handle on your budget is a MUST. Learn to budget and budget well. Don’t spend what you can not afford as it will come back to bite you real hard especially if you are in the thick of a Mortgage.

Work hard save hard be diligent and thrifty.

Meaning of “Thrifty”
Using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.
“he had been brought up to be thrifty and careful”
synonyms: careful with money, provident, prudent, canny, economical, frugal, energy-efficient,energy-saving, fuel-efficient, sparing, scrimping, abstemious, parsimonious,penny-pinching, miserly;

“Gran brought me up to be thrifty and never to get into debt”


Deposit for home

Once you have saved up the deposit for your home, then it is time to plan your house.

  • Design Style
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Colour schemes
  • Flooring or tiling
  • Bathroom layout and design
  • DIY build
  • Spec Build
  • Landscaping
  • House pricing
  • House Size
  • Neighbourhood

deposit for homedeposit for home

There are a plethora or home and architect designs and choosing the right one comes down to the 2 of you and your passions and desires and affordability. Make sure you choose one that you can afford. If you don’t you run the risk of putting a lot of pressure on your marriage. One of the key reasons for marriage breakup financial burden.


Have a discussion on how many children you want as this has a bearing on how many rooms you have.

Color schemes

These come down to you personal preferences and remember fashions change so you can always change this in the future.

colour schemescolour schemes

Flooring or tiling.

Again with the advance of modern designs, there are many to choose from. Make sure to stick with a budget. Just because you want something doesn’t mean you can afford it. You must always be prepared to adjust.

tilingcolour schemes


Bathroom designs.

These are always a great way to express who you are and people love making statements with their bathrooms in this modern age. We often have people telling us about Plumber 4U Gold Coast who are well experience in bathroom renovations, tiling, and design.


bathroom ideas

DIY Build

DIY Building requires a lot of education and planning as you will either need to project manage this yourself or contract some to do it.

The difference between you doing it and buying a spec home can be up to $100,000 in savings. Very important you do a lot of research, though.

Some people like leaving it to the professionals. Still very important you get a handle on what is going on as House building companies have a habit of overcharging.

There are some good people in the project management game 

Funny plumbing Video

Let us see what or who have we forgotten.

Ah Yes



Budgeting again is very important in this. There are ways to do some of these things for nothing. Need lawn. Some lawns you can grow for nothing. Ask your friends for a dozen shoot’s of Couch or Santa anna grass. You can plant them and steadily watch them grow, Each time they expand take some and replant. We grew the lawn around our house like this.


House Construction start to finish






Not camping



As always stay tuned as we continue to provide relevant information and you can contact us here 

So today we start to look at planning out your whole future life together. Fantastic exciting exhilarating.!!!


We are going to write over the coming blogs about planning out not just your wedding but the future plans of building houses and homes and spending your life together.


Stay tuned for more exciting info in the meantime you can contact us here

Wedding Djs- Who is the best

Stay tuned for more information.


Organising a Dj for the music for you wedding day takes a bit more planning. This is another part of your wedding day that requires careful consideration as to the type of music you require.

You need someone who can deliver excellence and style on your wedding day. This is your MC or Master of ceremonies. You may have someone yourself, but may also like to hire a professional.


Where you will need music

  • Music in the Church, venue or location
  • Music at reception
  • Music during photo shoot
  • Styles of musicWillow tree wedding ceremonies Dj music
    • Greek
    • Italian
    • Australian
    • Traditional
    • Non traditional
    • Ensembles
    • Soloists
    • Pianists.

WHEN YOU BOOK  a DJ you want to have talented, highly trained and experienced WEDDING DJs looking after your  music elements of your wedding entertainment.You want your guests to enjoy the time with you.


DJ Packages

When you book one of our Djs you can expect to get:

  • ONLINE PLANNING so that you can provide detailed information about your event, make music selections, timelines, etc.and or make adjustments on the day
  • PROFESSIONAL SOUND EQUIPMENT with a cordless microphone for your MC.
  • DANCE FLOOR LIGHTING to enhance the ambience on your dance floor later in the evening.
  • FLEXIBILITY to create a breathtaking atmosphere with any of our Lighting Design* and Ceremony* options, to captivate your guests.
  • Unlimited Support

We at Willow tree wedding ceremonies can provide ongoing planning with this as part of our package along with other partners in our group.

These partners include:

  • Wedding paper divas
  • Wedding bouquet collection
  • Ruffled blog
  • Wedding DJ Brisbane
  • Wedding vehicle insurance  towmeadelaide.com


Your guests won’t want to leave the dance floor, as the perfect mix of music is created with your personal selections in mind allowing your guest to continue dancing well after you have left on your honeymoon.



Let’s talk today about Wedding Gifts.


Top 12 Wedding gifts


Wedding Flower Planning

We thought we take you on a journey today and plan out the Wedding flowers.


DIY Wedding flowers

Some people like to have family and friends make some parts of their bouquets or all of them.


Wedding bouquet collection

Often the easiest thing to do is to use one of our specialist suppliers. We can organise this with our wedding celebrant consultants. There are many variations on wedding flowers and depending on whether you are having a summer winter or spring wedding will determine the flower bouquets available for you. Planning ahead on this is especially important as you want to make sure the flower bouquets are available.



Flower Types


10 Tried-And-True Wedding Flowers

  1. Willowtree wedding ceremonies flower



Willowtree wedding ceremonies flower



Calla Lily


Willowtree wedding ceremonies flowe


Lily of the Valley


Willowtree wedding ceremonies flowers



Willowtree wedding ceremonies flowers



Willowtree wedding ceremonies flowers


Willowtree wedding ceremonies flowers



Willowtree wedding ceremonies flowers


Sweet peas


Willowtree wedding ceremonies flowers


Willowtree wedding ceremonies flower 10


Package deals

There are a number of Willow Tree wedding packages  package deals we have available


  • WTWC Gold Package
  • WTWC Platinum Package
  • WTWC SIlver Package
  • WTWC Bronze Package


We will discuss these in our next post but each package will contain a bonus addition of vehicle insurance in case of any breakdown from towmeadelaide.com . One of our partners in our wedding packages.


Stay Tuned


For more information please contact us here


Ok so what is a Marriage Celebrant


Let’s take a look now at what you might be looking for in a marriage celebrant.’

A marriage celebrant is the person who officiates your wedding day and provide the paperwork that the Government or State requires for your marriage to be legal. (marriage celebrant ).       Willow Tree Marriage Celebrants

 Wedding ceremony celebrants

Willow Tree wedding celebrants are able to conduct varying styles of formal ceremonies and not limited to just weddings, although Wedding ceremonies are our major focus. We do provide additional ceremonies for naming of babies, renewal of wedding vows and funerals.


Wedding Vows

Your wedding Vows are one of the most important parts of your day as these are the vows that will take you through the rest of your lives together

An example of Wedding Vows as referenced from Wikipedia

Couples wedding in the Roman Catholic Church essentially make the same pledge to one another. According to the Rite of Marriage (#25) the customary text in English is:[4]

I, ____, take you, ____, to be my (husband/wife). I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honour you all the days of my life.

In the United States, Catholic wedding vows may also take the following form:[4]

I, ____, take you, ____, to be my lawfully wedded(husband/wife), to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.

The priest will then say aloud “You have declared your consent before the Church. May the Lord in his goodness strengthen your consent and fill you both with his blessings. What God has joined, men must not divide. Amen.”[5]





Wedding Day planning.

Ground rules Ground rules

Well maybe,  what are the ground rules anyway . Now that we’ve covered some basic ground rules for planning the wedding.

It’s a big event for you and the family. A very  special time. Everyone has opinions and ideas, how do you sift through them all.


Wedding day concepts and ideas

Who hasn’t had mothers and Fathers giving their valuable input and opinions, after all in many circumstances they may be paying something towards your wedding..or paying for all of it.

  • Do you allow Mothers and Fathers to control the wedding, or allow you to work it out?
  • Do you allow friends who want to add their ideas?
  • Who hasn’t had rellies get upset because you didn’t do what they wanted to do?
  • Who’s had to pull a few off of the guests lists with some getting disgruntled?

Wedding Strategy

The MOST important advice we provide at “Willow Tree Wedding Ceremonies”  is the foundation for making your day the perfect day.

Your wedding day is yours and the grooms. We work with that foundation first and add the key people around that. With Mothers and Fathers in support of your ideas and wishes for the day.

Will there be tears in some circumstances, yes, will there be arguments maybe, we aim to minimise and or eliminate that as part of our strategy.


What happens if we need to change something due to unforeseen event

Circumstances in life may affect some of the decisions you make which may need to be rethought.


Some of the points needing to consider

  • How many bridesmaids and how many grooms?
  • Who’s doing the makeup?
  • Costs associated with the hiring of suits. What’s affordable for the people involved.
  • Designing all the colours and brochures.


Uh Oh time

We have what we call a “UH OH time. This is the time that anything can happen that was out of the blue and it happens. It’s life, you can plan for so many things and still miss something. This is where you as a couple both before and after the wedding learn how to express your LOVE AND PATIENCE for each other.

So you’ve planned everything you can possibly think of,  But there is always a “UH OH” time.

How do you respond?

  • Someone forgot the rings, the weather has changed,
  • The wedding car broke down.
  • Someone spilt something on the wedding dress.
  • The makeup has smudged.
  • The groom didn’t come home last night……after the bucks show


Special UH OH Events

The day has gone off fantastically and you’ve driven away on your honeymoon, arrived at your hotel after several hours of driving, unpacked, carried your new wife across the thresh hold or door and hopefully not broken your back.

You’ve jumped in the spa and relaxed and spent quality time  together now as Husband and wife. Had a great night , had a great sleep….now already for the next day.

You head out to have breakfast and then pack for the next part of your trip jump in the car and turn the engine over ….well try to, only to discover that the interior light was on all night and now the battery is flat……..THIS IS WHERE LOVE KICKS IN,  does your new wife get upset with you for having missed this minor detail in your excitement, or does she say that’s ok darling we have a backup plan ……

We here at Willow Tree Wedding Ceremonies have that backup plan already….we partner with  people that take care of this in our package deals towmeadelaide.com. They provide emergency roadside assistance and you would be signed up as on one of their premium clients.


Go figure!! A flat battery on your honeymoon.



Tow me Adelaide road side assistance 4

As promised, we are providing more great info to help you on your special day.


Can you help us with everything? Willow Tree Wedding ceremonies 3

We have partnerships with all the businesses that you will require services and products from. All these people work with us to provide the perfect wedding day for you and your guests.

What type of ceremony ?

Have you given thought to what type of ceremony and wedding you are after?Planning out your wedding day is exceptionally important.

Formal or informal ?

The type of people you are will determine what kind of wedding you are after. Do you desire a formal wedding or informal wedding


What’s the Theme?

Do you desire a traditional wedding, or a 60s theme, or a country and western theme or a beach theme?


Who is the contact person for organizing?

This is important for organizing and speaking with us about. Having the right contact people whether it’s yourselves directly or you nominate someone. Communication is of vital importance.


What is your overall budget?

Very important question to ask.  Do not be frightened to state what your budget is. Be prepared to stick by or be flexible. There are a lot of emotions involved in this event, not just including you and your spouses.


  • $5000
  • $10,000
  • $20,000
  • $50,000
  • $100,000

We provide a quality service tailored to your budget.

Wedding flowers gold coast 18


Choosing the right flowers for your special day is one of those important products. Our specialist service in this area and support from our florist is of exceptionally high standard. View our portfolio


Planning the catering is quite a task.

  • The type of food to fit your theme.
  • How much is in the budget for this.
  • How many courses.
  • Making of the cake
  • Buffet style or sit down

We have some exceptional people who can guide you through this process to help you choose the most suitable menu for your theme and day.

Vehicles.Wedding horse and carriage

There are many types of vehicles available to hire depending on your desires and theme for your wedding. Whether you want Horse drawn carriages, or limousines, or specialist race cars, or a 60s theme. We can provide this service for you.



When planning your wedding day its takes a bit of working out who you want at the wedding. This can be a difficult time as parents intervene and want their people as well. We can assist in the planning of this conversation.

  • How many people
  • Who are important
  • Who would you like that can be on a reserve list.


Master of ceremonies.

Who will be running the event? Have you thought about who will be the Master of Ceremonies? Will it be the best Man or another party ? You need to make sure you will choose the right person to make your day the best it can be. The person who knows you and respects you. You also need to be in charge of what he says. You do not want any embarrassing things to be said that you don’t want.


Music and DJ equipment.

Now we are onto the music and style of music for each part of the ceremony and reception.Planning out the music in the church or Auditorium, to music when the guests arrive at the reception. Do you want Live music or just music in the background? You might like a small ensemble playing classical music. Speak to our Ministers and Officiates they will guide you through this.


Hiring of vehicles. Wedding limos

The hiring of vehicles can be done through us as part of your package. We provide special packages and savings by booking with us. Talk to your wedding planner about this.

What types of vehicles we can hire.

We have access to many varied themed vehicles from Horse and cart to 60’s theme, to stretch limousines. See our portfolio.

What happens if our vehicle breaks down on the way to the wedding. What’s the backup plan?

This is something that can happen and does. The hire companies have insurance that takes care of this, and they would provide an immediate backup for this purpose.

Planning your honeymoon.

Planning your honeymoon is the most exciting part. If you are driving off in your car on a honeymoon it would pay to plan ahead and make sure your vehicle is serviced.

What happens if our vehicle breaks down on the way to our honeymoon and we need emergency help.

Always great to have a back plan. Of course, the important thing to make sure is that your car is serviced before the event. They assist 24/7 in emergencies. We provide a bonus insurance package for this event. Ask our consultants when you speak with them. (Should this happen you would be able to organise a tow from one of our providers towmeadelaide.com)


 Let us make your Wedding Day the most memorable occasion of your life

Want more info please don hesitate  to contact us here





Why we love what we do


At Willow Tree Wedding ceremonies, you see we Love what we do. Falling in love and getting married are exciting and wonderful times.

  • Love is Kind
  • Love is Patient
  • Love is not Proud
  • Love does not keep a record of wrongs
  • Love does not Boast
  • Love is not selfish

This quote is from an Ancient manuscript

Having that special person that wants to be with you for the rest of your life for the wonderful times and the difficult times, is an amazing part of life. Understanding this foundation as part of your wedding ceremony is really important.

Love understands that life is a journey and an adventure with green pastures and rocky roads.

Willow Tree Wedding ceremonies can provide the foundation for you for a long and lasting Marriage and life together…….

Stay connected for our next post at WTWC (Willow Tree wedding Ceremonies)


What are some of the things  we need to take into consideration when planning your ceremony?


  • What type of ceremony ? Religious, cultural or other
  • Formal or informal ?
  • What’s the Theme?
  • Who is the contact person for organizing
  • What is your overall budget? Very important question to ask.  Do not be frightened to state what your budget is and be prepared to stick by or be flexible. There are a lot of emotions involved in this event, not just including you and your spouses.
  • Flowers.
  • Vehicles.
  • Attendance.
  • Master of ceremonies.
  • Music and DJ equipment.
  • Hiring of vehicles.
  • What types of vehicles we can hire.
  • What happens if our vehicle breakdowns on the way. What’s the backup plan? ( More coming shortly).Willow Tree Wedding ceremonies 15


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