Donald trumps wife

donald trumps wife

Donald Trump – News update- Donald Trumps Wife

Here we are several weeks into the new presidency with Donald Trump, his wife and family.

So what are your thoughts on Donald Trump and his wife?

Do you think he will lead America in a new direction.? Personally I think yes. Whether I like him or not doesn’t really matter.

Leave us a post here that is written well with no swearing.

Do you agree with the recent decision to Bomb Syria ?

This again is difficult for us to form opinions, as always it is the innocent who are killed along with any that are mixed in with them that are the dangerous ones.

Do you or I have all the information to form your opinion?

I do not think we do. I think we are only given enough information by the media to force us to jump on something emotionally. We don really know if it was the other side trying to get the west involved more to snowball us to an all out war with Russia. Other way we are on a collision course of great magnitude if we are not careful.

Do you know the actual facts or not?

At present we have a new leader on the global scene taking the lead whether good or bad.

In my view anything that is done at the geopolitical level in the globe now is still controlled.

There are growing issues with people like us who blog, to provide unbiased comment on a number of levels without being name called by somebody or some entity on both sides of the coin.

We will continue to stay abreast of Donald Trump and global geo -political events as all them effect our long term plans as families in our local communities on all sides of the globe.


Staying up to date with Donald Trump

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 donald trump wife

How is the world going to react if the US does try and head off North Korea?

The difficulty we face, is that there is going to be some kind of conflict around the corner. If something isn’t done with key geopolitical situations, then something will be done to us, over a period of time.

We see North Korea in a dangerous place. The leader has no regard for other cultures or other people. He is called a crackpot and no one says we are being racist if we call him that. So if a system is crackpot then are we being racist. In my opinion no.

Do we need to protect our society from a crackpot who wants to do harm, the answer is yes, or do we want to just let him go to harm innocent people.

What do you think?

We can all have our opinions which is fine but at the end of the day innocent people on either side of the equation or thought processes are going to cop it.

At that point we will all want someone to lead and conquer the other.

What will you do or what will  you think if your home was bombed or your lifestyle and family were being destroyed by powers outside of your control.

Donald Trumps wife Ivanka

donald trump wife


Ivanka Trump

Let us first make comments that it is fantastic to see that a woman can have a significant role in the world. After all Michelle Obama also did as well.

When we on our blogs wish to make comments it is mostly based on news articles and pics that we have seen from somewhere else and have never actually met the person in real life or know what they are like.

Does Ivanka love her children. I am sure she does.

How is the presidency going to effect the family now?

In many ways I do not envy them as the whole worlds eyes are on them and whatever small or large thing they do, someone will have an opinion on whether its right or wrong.

What I see Donald and Ivanka wanting to do, is to protect their country and their families. This is not a bad thing.

We all are born to love and protect and in fact are designed that way.

Do we want the US to end up in chaos like so many other eastern countries as the ideology, if you step back and look at it and ask some hard questions and keep emotions out of it, the answer is 3rd world type countries.

This would mean our families lives, and foundations would be changed for centuries. Is this what we want?

Stay tuned for more updates…