10 tips for bathroom

10 tips for bathroom ideas

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What i need to know to renovate a bathroom?

We have 10 top tips to assist you in working out things around your new home or newly purchased home to renovate.


  1.  Budget РSetting a budget for your bathroom remodelling is really important. Do you want a dream bathroom, budget bathroom or midrange? Remember that the tradies still need to do the work so understand the time for them will still be the same and costs associated with this.
  2. Colours – Choosing the right colours to suit the whole house decor is important. Bearing in mind are you going to keep the house long term or are you going to put it back on the market to sell.
  3. Showers – There are a number of different styles of showers around. DO you want a revolving door or sliding door type? Do you want the screen to cover the whole area? Careful planning on this is important
  4. Vanities– Vanities are a beautiful addition and add additional value to the bathroom YOu might like ceramic style vanities or plastic or the old enamel style vanity. Make sure you have a good plumber onboard for the pipe installation on these.
  5. Access for tradies- Check the access for tradies for your bathroom makeover. If you are getting your bathroom gutted then providing an area for a skip bin will be important.
  6. Insurance – Don’t forget to ask your builder or tradesman if they have insurance just in case something goes wrong.
  7. Building license – Building licenses are required on big jobs so if you are doing more than just the bathroom and making alterations to the framework of the house you will need a licensed builder.
  8. Tiling – Choosing the right tiles to create that amazing bathroom is most important. Ask the builder if they have someone they recommend. Most builders have a Tiling supply company that they use for their jobs and therefore have some great styles and qualities available for you
  9. Plumbing – Most important aspect. The whole reason for the bathroom. A qualified plumber is a must and will provide all the water hookups for the toilets and showers. Dont forget to look after them. A nice cup of coffee and biscuits always goes down well.
  10. Signoff – ONce finished the builder will do a sign off with you. Checking off everything and making sure it is all working.
  11. We decided to add one very important aspect of this process. Deposits, and payments. A builder will ask for a deposit up front along with progress payments. Dont be scared off by this. The builder has to organise products and get other tradesman on board to get moving on the job. They are only small business and cant pay upfront for all the products they have to buy in. Progress payments along the way ensure a solid relationship between you and the tradie. Final payment on day of signoff. Its important to honour the guys who have done the work for you. A workman is worth his wages. A good example of this system are the Gold Coast plumbing and bathroom renovators. They have a team of tradies on board who work with all their clients like this. A Deposit up front equal to 40% followed by progress payments with final payment at the end. This creates honesty between all parties.10 tips for bathroom


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